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A Beginner’s Guide to Driving

First you need a reason to learn to drive.

Next you need a driving licence.

Finding a driving instructor to suit you.

Booking you first driving lesson; a time that suits you both.

Taking your first lesson; you need both parts of your driving licence and the money to pay for the lesson.

What to expect on your first lesson

An introduction from the driving instructor.

Checking the details on your driving licence.

Checking your eyesight is legal at 20 metres for the new style number plates.

Asking the reasons you want to drive a car.

Asking what previous driving experience you may have.

Depending on your level of knowledge, explaining what the process is with learning to drive, the car controls etc.

Asking what you would like to achieve by the end of the lesson, setting some goals.

Driving from a suitable place that matches your level of skill & experience.

Dependent on your level of skill, asking questions, prompting where required.

Asking questions and taking notes as you drive around.

After a short drive reviewing your progress and going from there.

At the end of the lesson you will be given a feedback on the lesson, covering all areas of the lesson, setting goals for future lessons.

Booking the next lesson.