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Have a Plan B for Cyclists!

Have a Plan B for Cyclists!

Dealing with cyclists can be a very frustrating experience.

The main thing is to remember that cyclists do not think that the rules apply to them.

Once you your recognise that fact, everything is easier.

When you expect cyclists to do what is opposite of what makes sense then you are better prepared to deal effectively with whatever they do.

A few typical examples.

  • Going through red traffic lights is the norm
  • Leaping off pavements is also one of their favourite tricks
  • Pulling wheelies as they approach you on your side of the road is also common
  • Cycling in the dark with no lights on seems to be the rule
  • Making it difficult for learner drivers seems to be a “Sport” for some

So to summarise:

Expect the unexpected and always have a “Plan B”

Always be ready for them to do something quite dangerous, and as always keep calm and treat it as a learning experience!

Remember to be aware of the tell tale signs such as looking round can be a sign that they may be going to change direction shortly.

Allowing yourself more space and time are essential when dealing with cyclists, that way you have more space and time to take action.

let me know of your experiences with cyclists.