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Dealing with HGVs

Dealing with HGVs

Most pupils are afraid of HGVs, mostly because they do not fully understand what HGVs do, so they see them as big and scary, in the way and difficult to pass.

First you need to understand “what the job description for a HGV is”

  • Drive round and deliver their load
  • Stick to a timetable
  • Pick up and drop off goods

Once you know this you can be better prepared for what HGVs are likely to do as thye drive round their route.

What are HGVs likely to do on a regular basis?

  • Pull in and move away frequently
  • Park at an angle or away from the kerb
  • Have to reverse or manoeuvre on busy roads
  • Have to wait more often because of their size
  • Signal and just move away or pull in
  • Use their size to gain priority

Simple solutions:

  1. Always take control of situations
  2. Allow HGVs more space and time; they may swing out to turn left or straddle lanes at roundabouts
  3. If an HGV is parked; plan to carry on and overtake providing it is safe (MSM)
  4. Always ask “What if?” (What if the HGV moves away, the driver jumps out of his cab etc.)

Remember the golden rule; wait if you are unsure