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Dealing with pedestrians; part 1

Dealing with pedestrians; part 1

Rule number one. Never ever wave pedestrians to cross the road!


We were about to park up after a queue of taxis at Burnley bus station, two ladies appeared at the front of the taxis, the pupil stopped and waved them out, and as they started to cross the road a bus overtook us! Lesson learned.

Awhile ago we were driving along a dual carriageway towards a roundabout, a car stopped in the queue in the right lane, as we moved forward in the left lane, a pedestrian walked out into our lane from the front of the car in the right lane!

If you are waiting in a queue of traffic or at a junction it is ok to wait to see if pedestrians are going to cross, the decision to cross has to be the pedestrians choice. If you stop in the road where there is no queue you are inviting them to cross and potentially putting them in danger from other traffic.

The only exception is small children who are already in the road, as they are unpredictable and are liable to run at any moment.

Remember to look at the pedestrian so as to make eye contact, and let the pedestrian decide.