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Dealing with pedestrians; part 2

Dealing with pedestrians; part 2

A common challenge, for all drivers are the vulnerable, these are  both the young and elderly who are at risk more than most for basically the same reason, they do not always think about cars or are distracted by what they are doing.


As we turned a corner on a quiet estate an elderly lady stepped out into the road, we did an emergency stop, the lady then put up her hand and said sorry she was deaf.

When she reached the other side of the road she turned and said that she still should look.

Several children were playing with a ball near a junction, as we emerged turning left the ball bounced in front of the car, the child followed; we did an emergency stop! everyone was safe.

We then parked up to discuss the situation, the pupil and I watched as the children did the same thing to four different cars.

The moral to the story:

 Expect the unexpected, be ready to stop, prepare for the worst, because it is a game to the pedestrians, we need to win the game to avoid an accident. Sound the horn if needed.