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Pass Plus

A Government and Insurance company sponsored initiative, aimed at reducing road accidents.

A short course of at least six hours, covering the following aspects:

  • Town work
  • Rural roads
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways
  • Night time
  • Adverse Weather

On the Pass Plus course you will learn how to:

  • Make sure you are fit and ready for the journey
  • Make sure the car is ready for the journey
  • Assess the weather and plan your route before you set off
  • Plan for likely hazards on all roads
  • Drive safely on country roads, understand “Micro climates”
  • Understand what is a safe speed for you in all situations
  • Deal effectively with adverse weather; know what to do, how and why
  • Use a satellite navigation system effectively
  • Read the road ahead effectively, including dead ground, single track roads, fords etc
  • Overtake safely in all situations
  • Use lay-bys safely; it is easy to get it wrong and put yourself and others in danger
  • Join, leave and overtake safely on dual carriageways
  • Understand all the key aspects of motorway driving including joining, leaving and overtaking safely
  • Deal with road works safely

I started driving with Kenneth due to him taking half my family, and the idea that the majority passed first time, which also helped.

I worked hard and did my homework, and Kenneth helped me build up my confidence and skills and helped me pass first time, with just two minor errors.

He brings out the best in you, and not many of my friends have passed first time, also taking the Pass Plus has enhanced my skills further.

Sofia Chaudrey, Burnley

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