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Dealing effectively with motorcycles

Dealing effectively with motorcycles

Most pupils are afraid of Motorcycles, mostly because they do not fully understand how motorcyclists drive, so they see them as noisy and dangerous.

First you need to understand “how motorcyclists think”

  • Drive round for work
  • Drive for pleasure

Once you know this you can be better prepared for what motorcycles are likely to do as they drive around

What are motorcycles likely to do on a regular basis?

  • Drive quickly
  • Weave in between traffic queues
  • Use their speed to overtake in tight situations
  • Ride around in groups at weekends
  • Take little notice of road markings

Simple solutions:

  1. Always take control of situations
  2. Allow motorcycles more space and time; they may suddenly turn or straddle lanes at roundabouts
  3. Always ask “What if?” (What if the motorcycle moves away quickly, changes direction or decides to overtake you or the oncoming traffic etc.)

Remember the golden rule; wait if you are unsure