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I hadn’t driven a car in ten years, but needed to be able to drive again, so I needed a driving refresher course I looked in the Yellow pages and came across Belvedere school of motoring and decided on that one, best decision I ever made, as Kenneth Spencer my instructor was fantastic, he turned out to be far better than my previous instructor who I had passed my test with, as I still had fears about certain aspects of driving i.e. “Roundabouts” “Parking” “Reversing” and a lack of confidence in my driving.

Kenneth taught me to overcome these problems not only teaching me where I was going wrong with my driving but also how to develop a different mental attitude of dealing with my fears. I can now say I am a confident driver and have overcome my fears and all this has come about as a result of Kenneth’s driving tuition. Thank you.

Ann Royle, Burnley

I was having a refresher and it gave me confidence in night time reversing because even though you passed you still need a boost. Driving on back roads was exciting, I never dreamt of being brave enough before. Kenneth took the time and was very patient and turned scary things into manageable things. He was very good.

Rachel Holden, Burnley

After over forty years of driving thousands of miles using a manual gearbox I had decided to try an automatic and turned to Kenneth for some instruction.

He first explained in detail how the system works and the various controls. Within the hour I had driven on quiet roads, then on a main road followed by the motorway. Then onto three point turns, reversing round a corner, and how to let the machine do the work, all the time under his calm, instructive manner.

Whilst it will take time and practice to master the system fully, and accept that I do not use my left leg to operate a clutch or my left hand to change gear, I soon realised that the transition will be easier than I thought.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kenneth, an experienced instructor, to any one wishing to learn to drive.”

Owen Widdup, Nelson

I had waited till turning 18 to start to learn to drive, I knew this would be a challenge for me as I am not a very confident person. They were days when I felt terrible, tears stressed out but with my mum and dads support I plodded on.

I would speak to Kenneth about how I felt and he would always reassure me that I was a consistent driver improving all the time and that I needed to believe in my self more. In the end I passed first time with only one minor my mum learnt to drive with Kenneth many years ago too.

Kenneth and Margaret are both lovely and I would recommend them to anybody. Many thanks Kenneth for your time, patience and for restoring my confidence.

Kerry Holroyd,  Burnley.

I had lots of lessons with another instructor and failed my driving test twice! I had a break and found Kenneth. He took the time to understand the way I learned best and my driving improved straight away. I had to take a break for personal reasons, when I came back I was determined to succeed and with Kenneth’s help I built my skills and confidence. I passed first time with just 1 minor. I would recommend Kenneth to anyone who wants to learn.

David Holding, Colne

Kenneth is very patient and calm. He is very good at helping you understand why something has gone wrong. He gave me questionnaires to fill in which gave me a structure and helped me understand how I think and how I make decisions then I could trust myself at making good decisions. PS I passed first time with just 3 minors! He also took my 2 brothers who both passed with 2 minors

Rachel Mackenzie, Burnley

Thank you Kenneth; I don’t know how I would have done it without you. You have the patience of a saint!!

I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive no matter what age they are.

Liz Cook, Burnley

I really spent time finding my instructor and I am glad I did, as I found Kenneth. Thanks to him I passed first time with no minors. Kenneth is an amazing instructor who’s both friendly and understanding.

PS. He’s also very funny which was good for me.

Shelby Mercer. Padiham

Kenneth is a calm teacher who explains himself very well. He also acts as a friend which helps when learning to drive. It never has to be perfect which takes the stress off. I passed with 3 minors, which I am very happy with.

Thomas Tuley, Barrowford

Kenneth was a calm teacher, by making it easy you’ll get it right as Kenneth said, and it worked, it didn’t have to be perfect as my last instructor wanted. I passed 1st time with just 1 minor error.

Joanne Craig, Burnley

Kenneth helped me build my confidence back up and helped me pass with just 2 minor marks! I would recommend Kenneth to anybody (FAB) X

Gemma Elliott, Burnley

Kenneth is an excellent teacher! Why? Because when you get annoyed at him, it’s usually because he’s right! But he always explains himself. I learned a lot from him, not just about driving, but about life in general.

John Duckworth, Burnley

I had to retake my test after 30 years of driving. Kenneth was able to correct my bad habits and coach me into passing my driving test again. I have no reservations in recommending him to anyone.

W. C Bowden

Kenneth is a good patient instructor, who listens to you!

Passed first time with Kenneth

Jennifer Wilkinson, Burnley

I am really pleased that I passed with just 1 minor. Kenneth was a fantastic teacher as he explained things in such a way you understand first time, both my Mum and sister passed with Kenneth also.

And it felt so easy!

Tom Thorley

Kenneth is a fabulous and intelligent teacher. I am very proud to have this teacher. He is so polite and giving lessons very lovely because he has lot of experiences. All my family passed with Kenneth.

Usman Ashraf

Kenneth is a brill teacher, funny and calm. You can have a laugh with him and he does not get cross. I passed first time, Woohoo

Stephen Parker, Nelson

Kenneth is a great teacher!! Very patient and helpful, with his help I’ve learnt basically how to drive and understand the rules of the road and to know that there are bad drivers out there. Thanks Kenneth

Adam Baron, Burnley

These driving lessons are very good for me to improve my safety awareness and critical key skills. Kenneth’s instruction and lessons have really been useful and helpful. So I passed the driving test 1st time. Thank you very much Kenneth

Siew Yin Tan (Grace)

I never thought I would pass my driving test, neither did anyone else (except Kenneth) I was recommended to use ken by a few of my friends who had passed with him. Thank you for all your help!

Victoria Hepworth, Burnley

Kenneth helped me loads to pass my test. I Passed with only 2 minors. He also helped my sister pass, and we are truly grateful.

Josh Slater, Burnley

I failed 5 times in tests in Scotland, Wales and Nelson, then I found Kenneth and passed first time with him. He showed me how to do things that worked for me. I chose the automatic because it was easier. He is a top man.

Nazrul Islam, Burnley

Kenneth helped me build my confidence back up and helped me pass with just 2 minor marks! I would recommend Kenneth to anybody (FAB) X

Gemma Elliott, Burnley

Kenneth is a brilliant driving instructor, when I started my lessons I never thought I would go on to pass my test but Kenneth immediately made me feel at ease and helped my confidence grow week by week, his jokes are rubbish but he is a little star.

Nicola Hoyle, Burnley

I have not been driving for a while, then I had some lessons with Kenneth, which has helped me very much and helped my confidence improve so much I will now drive on my own.

Yvonne Whittaker, Burnley

Thank you Kenneth for all your guidance, help and patience you showed in helping me pass my driving test. I would definitely recommend Belvedere SOM to anyone thinking of learning to drive. Passing my test will change my life for the better.

Thank you very much again

Pauline Stevenson, Burnley

I never thought that I would have the confidence to pass my driving test, Kenneth was a fantastic instructor and helped me to believe in myself and taught me that trusting myself works! Thanks Kenneth! P.S. I passed first time with just two minor errors. YAY! xxx

Emma Howarth, Burnley

Thank you for your time and patience, I believed I couldn’t pass until I passed, a good instructor. Thank you so much.

Khat Nisa, Burnley

Kenneth was recommended by a few friends, I am now very pleased to have passed. He’s a fab teacher and had me laughing all the way through, which worked for me.

Clare Graveston, Brierfield

Thank you so much! Such a good teacher. Passed FIRST TIME! With only 3 minors. Gave me much more confidence and taught me to trust myself! Thank you!

Charlotte Jackson Hall, Burnley

Kenneth gave me confidence & trust in myself to get back behind the wheel. He has changed my life! – and made me laugh!!

Judith Broderick, Burnley

Kenneth helped me passing my driving test. I came from Birmingham Spark hill area. It was a great honour to meet Kenneth now I am very happy to pass my test

Yasser, Melville St Burnley

Very very thank you my teacher, you very kind and teaching me is very good, so will tell my friends to ring Kenneth he is very good teacher.

Man Xing Yao, Earby

After learning that one of Ken’s services was teaching mature ladies to drive automatics cars I immediately enrolled my wife for a lesson. I have been trying for years (without success) to persuade her to drive our automatic car so she could share the driving on long journeys abroad.  After only one lesson she is now totally confident and now loves driving the automatic car. She found the lesson really enjoyable and built up a rapport with Ken who she found to be humorous and patient.

Thanks Ken

Chris Hurlbut

For me, what made Ken a great instructor was not the fact that he is a patient tutor or a nice bloke (both of which he is in spades), it’s the fact that he goes the extra mile for his pupils. I can think of no better example of this than the weekend before my test when, he spent his Friday evening mapping out possible test routes and potential hazards for our pre-test practice run. It was a totally selfless sacrifice of his limited free time for my benefit, and not being from the area helped immensely ……………….the route he picked out came up in my test too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with Ken and I think it’s fair to say that Ken doesn’t teach you how to be a good driver, he helps you become one.

Cheers Ken

Ollie Rix     Burnley

Business Account Manager

Primus Telecommunications Ltd

Kenneth is the most patient and encouraging man. He tailors his teaching methods to suit each individual pupils needs and he’s the kind of person who makes you feel at ease when you need it, but is also quite firm with you when that is needed too.

I passed my test first time today and I have Kenneth’s patience and understanding to thank for everything.

Driving with Kenneth is fun, and ultimately rewarding.

Thank you Kenneth. I’ll not miss the bad jokes though. Only kidding ;)

Laura Marsden, Nelson

I had quite a few manual lessons and found it didn’t work for me, then I started with Kenneth and it changed everything, I started to think differently and seemed to understand things in the automatic. I will be forever grateful to Kenneth as I passed first time with four minors. I enjoyed our time together ups and downs and will always think of him always, PS I wouldn’t have passed with anyone else! XX

Wendy Ormerod, Nelson

I started in the manual and found it difficult because of my operation, but then found another solution and learnt in the automatic and passed first time. The automatic gave me the confidence and experience which grew vastly, which made passing the test so much easier with Kenneth’s excellent tuition. Thanks very much.

Michael Windle. Burnley

I had lots of driving lessons previously with another instructor and saw little improvement. After some time off I began lessons with Kenneth who took the time to find the best learning methods for me, and my driving improved dramatically! We have had a lot of laughs along the way; I would recommend Kenneth to anybody as he is a fantastic teacher. I am very happy to have passed my test today with only 3 minors and this will change my life. 13-9-2011

Sheryl Waterhouse

I passed 1st time with Kenneth, I never dreamed of becoming an independent driver having failed 3 times previously. I have now only because of Kenneth who gave me complete confidence that I could. He is a fantastic instructor; I also have friends who have passed with flying colours because of Kenneth’s superb driving skills

Elaine M Scaife, Padiham

I started driving with Kenneth due to him taking half my family, and the idea that the majority passed first time, which also helped.

I worked hard and did my homework, and Kenneth helped me build up my confidence and skills and helped me pass first time, with just two minor errors.

He brings out the best in you, and not many of my friends have passed first time, also taking the Pass Plus has enhanced my skills further.

Sofia Chaudrey, Burnley

I was very pleased with the outcomes of the lesson.

In less than an hour I learnt the pointers to reversing into a parking place / passing place- something I did not have to do for my driving test circa 1968!

I now feel confident I can do those manoeuvres properly in future.

John Plackett, Nelson

Shock! I finally got pen to paper. Well as I told you when I passed the driving test, you changed my life!

You did not just give me the confidence to pass my test!

After a lot of mental baggage seamed to make it slow progress in the past.

You changed my whole PERCEPTION on all key areas that can help you through life.

Your business card says it all (Tao added “Life control” next to “Car control” on Kenneth’s  business card)

You key in to any individual you teach and help that person learn in the way they learn best, you can speak any ones language, you adapt to the pupil not them adapt to you.

You leave as a friend.

Thank you to both you and your wife and your support and wishes to Steven and I hope all going well for you both. Would be great to keep in touch.

Tao & Steven Fleming, Earby

If patience is a virtue then Kenneth Spencer is a very virtuous individual.

Recently I passed my driving test after 12 months of Kenneth’s nurturing tuition.

As a mature student I had spent 12 years, on and off, attempting to pass my driving test.

On the verge of giving up altogether after two more failed attempts I spoke to Kenneth.   He reassured me and suggested I tried learning in the automatic rather than the manual.

What a difference he made.  His technique is to tailor each lesson to meet individual needs.  Kenneth listens to what you have to say and encourages pupils to ASK.

Never critical or impatient he inspired me with confidence through his patient but assertive manner.   Giving me the courage to continue when I felt all was lost.

A super guy who has really helped me to find a new lease of life.

Wish I had found the Belvedere SoM earlier.

Kenneth thank you so much you are my hero!

Yours gratefully

Maria Boyd

Choosing to learn to drive with Kenneth at belvedere was an easy choice me as Kenneth had taught my husband previously!! Like my husband I passed my test first time too!! Kenneth has a very calm approach and tells really great stories!! I highly recommend Belvedere to anyone wanting to learn to drive!!

With many Thanks

Caroline Spedding. Colne

I have a disability which mainly affects my right hand. I have difficulties gripping and letting go and have problems with dexterity and have a weakness of the arm and hand. But to overcome this challenge when driving, it was suggested by Kenneth that I have a adaptation fitted on to the car I was using. This consisted of a device to control the steering with one hand, buttons to press for the indicators, buttons to press for the lights and front windscreen wipers and a button for the horn. This device helped immensely and with Kenneth’s guidance, I was able to pass my driving test first time.

Stephanie Burns, Burnley

I couldn’t have chosen a better driving instructor than Kenneth. I truly believed I was “unteachable” and there was no hope. From lesson one I knew if I couldn’t learn with Kenneth I couldn’t learn at all. He is so patient, supportive and knowledgeable. His 1001 rule is brilliant and can’t be beaten! So go on drive with Belvedere and be in the best hands possible. Thanks Kenneth for doing the impossible! I passed first time with only 2 minors!

Teresa McKie

Hi, My name is Aleem john I have passed my driving test first time with Kenneth. He really work hard on me because I have very short time to attempt the test because on 5th of March I have knee surgery and I want to pass before my surgery and I have only one week, in this short time Kenneth support me and polish my skills and explain in the way that makes things easy for me, rather than to be perfect is better to make it easy.

Aleem John, Barrowford 27-2-2012

I found it very difficult with my past instructors. I then found Kenneth with an automatic car, which was easier as Kenneth was calm and relaxed and did not shout when things went wrong, which made me feel calm and relaxed, and my driving improved massively, which brought me to passing my driving test with just five minors. The feelings of passing my test are indescribable. Thank you

Lisa Tonkinson, Colne

Thank you Kenneth, I couldn’t have done it without you, superb teaching and explanations. Kenneth taught me to be more patient and calm, Thank you again.

Safran Chaudrey, Burnley

I took the opportunity to increase my skills and experience with Pass Plus. It was harder than I expected, what I learned from the experience was that when I stuck to the rules and did what I had learned on my driving lessons I will be a safer driver in the future.

We covered everything you can imagine to do with driving on my own including how to pick a safe layby and how some are not as safe as others. Motorway services, I had nearly all my lessons during the day, the night driving was a real eye opener as it was a lot harder than I expected.

PS. I finished off the day with a perfect parallel park between two cars outside my house!

David Holding, Colne