About Belvedere School of Motoring

Established in 1970, we are Burnley’s Longest Running Driving School

Welcome to Belvedere School of Motoring, an independent family-run driving school serving the local community for over forty years working with drivers aged between 17 (16 if in receipt of higher rate Disability Living Allowance) to well over 70!  Belevedere School of Motoring was founded in 1970 by Rose Spencer and the business is now run by her son, Kenneth.

More than 1000 people have been helped to pass their test since the business began including driving instructors as well as pupils.

Kenneth specialises in teaching mature students who prefer driving automatic cars as well as students who have been unsuccessful in the past at passing their driving tests with other instructors.  Kenneth’s teaching methods have achieved great results by helping drivers regain their confidence or pass their test after several failed attempts.

Kenneth has the following qualifications:

  • DSA Grade A instructor (in the top 6% of instructors in the country)

  • DSA registered Fleet Trainer

  • A1 Assessor

  • NVQ level 3 in driving instruction

  • Brake Ambassador

  • Rospa Silver Award

  • Diploma: Coaching in Business from Newcastle College

Our aim is to assess the pupil’s needs and requirements and use methods that achieve the greatest results during the learning experience.   Kenneth continually updates his skills to better serve his students.

We provide quality tuition that keeps pace with modern teaching methods.  We take into account your needs and preferences, teaching you in the way you learn best.   This shortens the learning curve and builds trust, confidence and improves your decision making so that you become a safer, more confident driver before and after passing the driving test.

Kenneth is continually updating his skills to better serve his students.  He is also a member of the Driving Instructors Association, the Motor Schools Association and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Kenneth is also approved to deliver Pass Plus and can deliver tuition for Disabled Drivers in the Motability Scheme.

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What Our Students Say:

I hadn’t driven a car in ten years, but needed to be able to drive again, so I needed a driving refresher course I looked in the Yellow pages and came across Belvedere school of motoring and decided on that one, best decision I ever made, as Kenneth Spencer my instructor was fantastic, he turned out to be far better than my previous instructor who I had passed my test with, as I still had fears about certain aspects of driving i.e. “Roundabouts” “Parking” “Reversing” and a lack of confidence in my driving.

Kenneth taught me to overcome these problems not only teaching me where I was going wrong with my driving but also how to develop a different mental attitude of dealing with my fears. I can now say I am a confident driver and have overcome my fears and all this has come about as a result of Kenneth’s driving tuition. Thank you.

Ann Royle

I was having a refresher and it gave me confidence in night time reversing because even though you passed you still need a boost. Driving on back roads was exciting, I never dreamt of being brave enough before. Kenneth took the time and was very patient and turned scary things into manageable things. He was very good.

Rachel Holden

After over forty years of driving thousands of miles using a manual gearbox I had decided to try an automatic and turned to Kenneth for some instruction.

He first explained in detail how the system works and the various controls. Within the hour I had driven on quiet roads, then on a main road followed by the motorway. Then onto three point turns, reversing round a corner, and how to let the machine do the work, all the time under his calm, instructive manner.

Whilst it will take time and practice to master the system fully, and accept that I do not use my left leg to operate a clutch or my left hand to change gear, I soon realised that the transition will be easier than I thought.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kenneth, an experienced instructor, to any one wishing to learn to drive.

Owen Widdup

I had waited till turning 18 to start to learn to drive, I knew this would be a challenge for me as I am not a very confident person. They were days when I felt terrible, tears stressed out but with my mum and dads support I plodded on.

I would speak to Kenneth about how I felt and he would always reassure me that I was a consistent driver improving all the time and that I needed to believe in my self more. In the end I passed first time with only one minor my mum learnt to drive with Kenneth many years ago too.

Kenneth and Margaret are both lovely and I would recommend them to anybody. Many thanks Kenneth for your time, patience and for restoring my confidence.

Kerry Holroyd

I had lots of lessons with another instructor and failed my driving test twice! I had a break and found Kenneth. He took the time to understand the way I learned best and my driving improved straight away. I had to take a break for personal reasons, when I came back I was determined to succeed and with Kenneth’s help I built my skills and confidence. I passed first time with just 1 minor. I would recommend Kenneth to anyone who wants to learn.

David Holding