Our Driving Lessons

Tailored to suit your requirements

There is a range of driving lessons and courses to suit your current needs, from an assessment lesson, a refresher course, one week quick start module, a confidence booster, automatic familiarisation lesson, parking master class or a block of lessons to get you ready for the driving test or Pass Plus once you have passed.

Pick the one that suits you from the list and see below for more details.

Manual Lessons

Automatic Lessons

Motorway Lessons

Parking Lessons

Pass Plus

Refresher Lessons

Manual Lessons

This is the usual place for most learner drivers to begin, when you pass your driving test in a manual car or van you are then able to drive any vehicle manual or automatic with no restrictions in the same category.

All aspects of driving are covered when you are learning to drive and pass your test including basic car maintenance, filling up with petrol etc.

My philosophy is that you enjoy your lessons and therefore I create a calm environment in which you can learn with confidence.

You will always get One to One tuition. Each student is an individual and the instruction is tailored to meet each person’s character and needs.


Automatic Lessons

This is where some learners prefer to start, as there are no gears to worry about, there is not the complication of stalling when starting or stopping, or being in the wrong gear.

If this option is taken when you pass your driving test you will only be able to drive a car with an automatic gearbox.

This option is good for people who may have certain medical conditions, or who don’t want the hassle of gears.  When this option is taken most pupils wonder why people need gears in the first place.


Motorway Lessons

For people who only want motorway tuition as an add on to their present skills.

Some of the aspects we cover include:




Lane Discipline


Adverse Weather

Motorway Signs



We do short courses on how to park effectively, between cars and in car parks.

Parallel parking – words that strike fear and dread into most drivers.  It does not have to be that way!  We can show you a simple way to Parallel Park with confidence in less than an hour.


Pass Plus

A Government and Insurance company sponsored initiative, aimed at reducing road accidents.

A short course of at least six hours, covering the following aspects:

Town Work | Rural Roads | Dual Carriageways | Motorways | Night Time | Adverse Weather

On the Pass Plus course you will learn how to:

Make sure you are fit and ready for the journey

Make sure the car is ready for the journey

Plan for likely hazards on all roads

Drive safely on country roads, understand ‘Micro Climates’

Understand what is a safe speed for you in all situations

Deal effectively with adverse weather; know what to do, how and why

Use a satellite navigation system effectively

Read the road ahead effectively, including dead ground, single track roads, fords etc

Overtake safely in all situations

Use lay-bys safely; it is easy to get it wrong and put yourself and others in danger

Join, leave and overtake on dual carriageways

Understand all the key aspects of motorway driving

Deal with road works safely


Refresher Lessons

For people who are returning to driving after a break.

Most people who return to driving after a break can benefit from taking a refresher course, most have enough skills to drive well, they just lack the confidence to get back in a car on their own.  That’s where we come in.  We will assess your needs and work on areas where you need a boost, showing you tips and strategies to speed up the process, gaining that all important edge ‘confidence’.

For some returning to the road poses new challenges which include:

  • Increased Levels of Traffic

  • Suicidal Pedestrians

  • New Road Layouts

  • New Road Signs

  • Puffin Crossings

  • Toucan Crossings


If you’d like to enquire about our range of driving lessons today, simply get in touch.