Here’s some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do discounts for block bookings?2020-03-31T07:08:29+00:00

Yes, normally £10 off for each ten lessons paid for at the start.

How soon can I start?2020-03-31T07:08:15+00:00

As soon as you have your driving licence.

What services do you offer?2020-03-31T07:08:01+00:00

Learner Driver, Refresher, Motorway, Pass Plus, Parking, Manual & Automatic.

Can I be picked up & dropped off at different places?2020-03-31T07:07:45+00:00


Where are the theory test centres?2020-03-31T07:07:32+00:00

Preston, Bolton, Manchester, Blackpool, there other test centre around the country, check on the DSA website.

What’s the theory test?2020-03-31T07:07:14+00:00

A set of 50 questions, which you have to score 43 or more to obtain a certificate so you can then take the practical driving test.

The theory test has a Hazard Perception element, the pass mark is currently 44 out of 75.

I’ve already got a licence for another category is it OK2020-03-31T07:06:54+00:00

Providing you have reached the required age this is OK, if you have a full licence and want to add another category you will not need to take another theory test

Where and how do I get a licence, how quick will it come back?2020-03-31T07:06:38+00:00

You can get a form from the Post Office, which you send off along with 2 passport type photographs to the address on the back of the form. It normally takes up to 3 weeks to come back to you. If you have a new passport with a chip you can apply online and they will use your digital photo from the passport for your driving licence.

How do I start driving?2020-03-31T07:06:22+00:00

First you need a driving licence.