The New Driving Laws From 2020

New laws, regulations and bans have been implemented at the start of 2020, with more to be added down the road in the coming years.

Here’s an overview of the new driving laws from 2020 that you need to be aware of to keep you safe and legal on the roads:

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones behind the wheel. Some of you may be thinking that usage of your mobile phone behind the wheel has been banned for years, and yes your right, but the law has become much stricter.

From Summer 2020, the law will be revised to ensure that all mobile phone usage when behind the wheel will be fined and penalised. This is incredibly good news for everyone as recent research has shown that motorists who are looking at their mobile phone whilst driving at 30mph will effectively be disconnected themselves for approximately 100 feet ahead.

To stay safe on the road, before any car journey, ensure you put your mobile phone in the glove box and ensure that it is left their until you have reached your destination or have parked up safely.

Parking Fines

Earlier this year, the government requested the British Standards Institution to pull together a code of practice. Included in this code of practice was a grace period for when parking tickets have run out in private car parks, ensuring that the private sector comes into line with local councils.

Diesel Cars

A contentious topic but one that the government is determined to tackle. The government announced its intentions to phase out diesel cars due to their pollution. Some councils in cities are enforcing this now to reduce their pollution.

Drink Driving

The EU announced the introduction of breathalysers in cars for convicted drink drivers, before starting their vehicles.

Expected to come into force in 2022, the UK is still expected to adopt this law as the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) advised that all EU driving laws will be adopted by the UK after Brexit.

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